My Best Friend's Wedding

Ah, someone complaining that his/ her picture is not here, I think my guess should be correct who that someone would be. So here is the full entry dedicated to that someone
She was my classmate, my very close friend for 12 years, my housemate for 6 years and my sister whom I share my joy and happiness, sadness and madness. I can stay overnight at her parents’ place even without her present; that alone explained how close we really are. She knew him the same time as I was as we were classmate during our matriculation. They started seeing each other only when we were in our 1st year where they were doing building surveyor and I was being tortured as an architectural student. Time flies as far as I am concerned, they decided to tie the knot. Simple engagement was held at Nilai on Feb 2008 and was finally official on 4.4.2009, 11 days before her birthday which she claimed that he was the best ever birthday present in her life. Nothing can describe my feelings when they become one. I was one of the happiest person on their big day. They just celebrated 1st annyversary 2 months ago. Che Deen, I am very happy for both of you. We will be friend forever.
Nikah at Masjid Kg Pantai Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

Kg Pantai, Seremban reception

Muar, Johor reception

And 8 months later a casual outdoor at Putrajaya in Dec 2009

To Che' Deen and Che' Kod, may the joy & happiness will always be with you ever after.

*Footnote: That someone is not she, but he :)


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