Another Ordinary 20th June


Alhamdulillah masih diberi peluang bernafas meneruskan perjuangan hidup.

If last year this day was full of meeting, this year also nothing much change still busy with meetings and drawings, just in a different office. As mentioned in that post, I don't really celebrate the day that I am getting old. Its not my thing anyway. However I do appreciate all birthday wishes from family and friends  either verbally, through phone call, SMS or facebook. Despite of the lost of ayah last month, I am blessed with those people around me, who will always give their support and stand up for me no matter what. Thank you very much, I love you all. Happy birthday to me anyway. May this year brings more luck, longivity, prosperity, health and to find mr right along the way :). Semoga murah rezeki agar dapat aku terus meneroka bumi tuhan yang maha luas ini. InsyaAllah


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